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Anonymous asked: Pt 2: horny I don't really even try fingering I usually just go straight for my own clit. Any advice? Please tag, jennefferr

This is quite common, it happens to some women. They can only be stimulated through their clitorus.
As long as you enjoy the feeling of sex and are not in pain then you’re perfectly normal!

ahornyghost asked: Me and my gf have been having sex for a while but she won't won't go on top because she's scared to (she's bigger then me) is there a way I can get her comfortable and ease her into it?

These things will take time, it’s just a matter of making her feel comfortable, don’t nag her about it because that will have the opposite effect. Another thing you could try is in the heat of the moment, just grab her tightly and passionately and pull her on top, if she still doesn’t want to then be patient.